Is A Happy Disposition One Of The Keys To A Longer And Healthier Life?

body-articleLet’s face it… Most people you meet in life are not very happy. They work at jobs they hate just to spend money on things they don’t even really want. In fact, you may be one of these people.

What many don’t realize is that that the stress and anxiety of their unhappiness is taking it’s toll. These negative emotions not only accelerate the aging process, but they can slowly kill you. Literally…

Sound a little extreme? A recent British study finds that older adults who report feeling happy and content live longer than others, but researchers warn their data does not mean that happiness leads to longer life.

Andrew Steptoe, from the University College London (United Kingdom), and colleagues monitored “positive affect” (states such as happiness, peacefulness and excitedness), and “negative affect” (anxiety and hostility, for example), among 3,850 people, ages 52 to 79 years, who were asked to describe their feelings — happy, excited, content, worried, anxious or fearful — four times during one 24-hour period.

Then, the team tracked the participants for the next five years, and found that over 7% of those who died were in the lowest third of those with positive affect, as compared to 6% in the third with the highest level of positive affect.

Even after ruling out confounding factors, the researchers found that those who said they were the most happy were 35% less likely to die than those who described themselves as the least happy.

The study authors conclude that: “The results endorse the value of assessing experienced affect, and the importance of evaluating interventions that promote happiness.”

So… what are you to do if you are not happy? One of the first things we recommend is to begin some type of meditation practice. The theta brainwave state that happens during meditation has been proven to have substantial benefits including dramatically reducing stress, elevating your moods, and fighting off depression. In fact, many people report an increased sense of well being and even states of bliss through regular meditation.

Now, maybe you have tried meditation in the past and found it to be too difficult or that you just didn’t have the time. if that is you, we highly recommend trying out brainwave entrainment. It considered to be the fastest and easiest way to meditate and can have profound impact in just minutes per day.

Of course, we are not saying that meditation will be the answer to all your problems. However, with all of the studies and endless stories of life-changing results, it would be a good place to start. Whatever you do, find a way to be happy!

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