Personality Traits Proven To Help Extend Longevity

body-articlePrevious studies have shown that people with a high school diploma or less education tend to die younger than those with a college degree or graduate training – but the association is not always true.

Margie Lachman, from Brandeis University (Massachusetts, USA), and colleagues explored whether personality traits may exert a role. In this study, less educated people with higher perceived control in their life had a mortality rate three times lower than those with a lower sense of control.

In fact, a high sense of control seemed to negate the mortality risks of lower education. This effect remained after adjusting for potential confounding variables, including health behaviors, depressed affect, and general health (chronic illnesses, functional limitations, and self-rated health). The study authors submit that: “These findings demonstrate the importance of individual perceptions of control in buffering the mortality risk associated with educational disadvantage.”

So the question is, how do we gain a higher sense of control in our lives? Many studies have shown that meditation has a powerful impact on our emotional well-being. This obviously translates into a higher sense of control in our lives.

As we have discussed in a previous article, brain wave entrainment is the fastest and easiest way to enter deep states of meditation. In fact, it is like deep meditation on demand.

Taking this information into consideration, it would seem that it would be possible to gain a higher sense of control and extend your life by simply listening to brainnwave entrainment audio.

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