Stable, Lasting Relationship Is A Key To Longevity

body-articleNow, we know that some of you reading this are players and are not interested in a long-term relationship. However, you should know that studies have shown that people in long-term stable relationships can be healthier and live longer.

Over the years there have been a number of studies have validated the importance of social ties during midlife. Ilene C. Siegler, from Duke University (North Carolina, USA), and colleagues analyzed data collected on 4,802 individuals who took part in the University of North Carolina Alumni Heart Study (UNCAHS) – an ongoing study of individuals born in the 1940s.

The team found that having a partner during middle age is protective against premature death: those who never married were more than twice as likely to die early than those who had been in a stable marriage throughout their adult life.

Being single, or losing a partner without replacement, increased the risk of early death during middle age and reduced the likelihood that one would survive to be elderly. Even when personality and risky behaviors were taken into account, marital status continued to have a major impact on survival.

The study authors conclude that: “Consistency of marital status during midlife suggests that lack of a partner is associated with midlife mortality.”

Now obviously, for those of you that like to play the field, there are some definite disadvantages to being in a long-term stable relationship. However, just understand that research shows that men who are married and in stable relationships tend to be healthier and live longer. Something to think about.