How to Write a Narrative Essay

How to Write a Narrative Essay

Narrative essays should not be hard as most students find them. It is possible to come up with a good narrative essay. For this to happen, it is important for students to know how to write a good narrative essay. There are major elements that should be put in place to come up with a good narrative essay. Firstly, just like any other essay, it is extremely paramount to start with a hook. The hook is meant to capture the attention of the audience. Without a good hook, it will be difficult for the audience to desire to have a read.

Setting the scene is the next thing that a writer should do when writing a narrative essay. This implies that the reader should have a brief background and context of what the essay is all about. The context of the essay is very vital because it opens up the minds and expectations of the reader to expect more from the essay. Moreover, setting the scene of the essay is highly valuable since not every person has an in-depth idea of what the narrative is all about.

Defining the purpose of the essay is equally vital since it allows the reader to know why it is important. When the purpose of the essay is known, the writer is able to focus on that without having to lose focus. It is easy to deviate from the focus of the essay, thus it is crucial for a writer to have a solid purpose that helps him or her to address the issues well.

It is pivotal for the writer to be chronological when writing the narrative essay. Being chronological means that the student will know what to write first and what to write last; the ideas will have a good order. Through this, ideas will not be mixed up; they will follow each other in the right way for easier comprehension.

Of great importance also, is the need to maintain consistency throughout the essay. For example, the first person narration should continue throughout the essay and also the past tense narration should remain consistent. This is very important in sustaining the image of the narrative essay.

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