3 Words Than Make Any Woman Want You

body-articleIt’s Chris (60 Years Of Challenge)…

Today I’m going to reveal a “simple secret” for attracting HOT women that nobody is talking about. In fact, it’s so simple I can tell you what it is in just 3 words… BE A MAN.

Now, when you think of being a man you may picture a guy who is muscular, or tough. Maybe someone who’s good
at fixing things or acts brave in the face of danger. You may have even heard that to pick up women
you need to become a “leader of men” or display “alpha characteristics”.

And while I agree that all of those qualities are great, if you forget to do this one small thing you will never
be seen as a “real man” in the eyes of a woman. I’ll reveal what that is in just a second…

First, let me tell you about the monster at my gym. This is a guy who easily throws up 400 lbs. without
breaking a sweat. His biceps are the size of my head and he could probably crush both of us with his bare hands. However, Mr. Muscles has a big problem. I know it sounds crazy, but even good looking guys with ripped abs can end up in the friend zone.

I saw it all go down from my spot on the treadmill. As “Muscles” stopped doing his power squats to chat with
Noelle (a tall brunette with an amazing body) something strange happened. He no longer looked manly. In fact, he looked like a total chump. This 100 pound beautiful woman had him cowering in fear.

I really wanted to LOL… but I also didn’t want to get killed. This guy made every mistake in the book:

– Ashamed body language
– He avoided prolonged eye contact with her
– His facial expression screamed “I’m just happy to be here”
– He stood too far away from her

Yep, I could tell right away he would never get Noelle attracted. Sure, he will protect her if a guy says something rude to her. He may even fix her car (or just lift it up with his hands). But she will never WANT him. Not a chance. In fact, despite his “good looks” and “big muscles”, Noelle doesn’t think of him as a REAL MAN.

This is all because he made one deadly mistake. This is the mistake that instantly turns guys from “THE MAN”
into “THE FRIEND”. And we’ve all made this mistake… and 98% of you guys will make it again tonight.

So what did Mr. Muscles do wrong? Simple – He didn’t reveal his “sexual interest” in her. Instead, he kept it hidden. He kept it all tucked away in his tight “zebra-striped” workout pants.

Now this didn’t surprise me because I used to have the same problem. Being on the short side I always
felt like I had to overcompensate by being tough or cocky. I really wanted to be a MAN. I thought if I just “acted aloof”, hid my feelings, and was a “challenge” women would be lining up to be with me.

This is probably why I originally got into learning pickup. And believe me I tried everything the so called gurus claimed would work. Little did I know at the time, but the solution to dating hot women was something much simpler. (and the best part was it worked way faster).

You see, whether we want to or not we are always communicating something when we talk to women. And its not the words women care about… it’s really THE VIBE.

My problem was… instead of sending her the message “I want to get physical with you”… My eye contact, mannerisms and facial expression were all communicating… “I just want you to like me” (aw, how cute). Basically, I was ashamed (and terrified) of revealing that I wanted to get physical with the women I talked to.

Now I admit, communicating your interest in getting physical can be scary as hell. Especially if you don’t know the right way to do it. Plus, you can’t just TELL every woman you meet that you want to rip her clothes off. I mean you could try… but you probably won’t have a job for long and you may even wind up with a black eye (or worse).

Understand… you can create tons more sexual tension when you reveal your interest with VIBE than you can with just words alone. So – if you know you need to communicate your interest in getting physical, but most times you can’t just come right out and tell her, then what IS the secret to attracting the women you want and staying out of the friend zone?

Well, the good news is, I just put up a short video that shows you exactly how to communicate your sexual interest
without ever being rejected. In fact, this technique is 100% invisible so women won’t even know what you’re doing (they’ll just know they feel attracted to you which is what you really want).

The truth is, if you can subtly let a woman know you are interested in getting physical with her it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, average looking or shot. Hell, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been a fight
in your life…

When you learn the right way to express your true desire, women will always see you as a REAL MAN. In her eyes you
will instantly become handsome, tall and muscular. Creating attraction and getting her to want you is easy once you learn this secret.