A *Sneaky* Trick That Makes Her Want You

body-articleIt is Chris again (60 Years Of Challenge).

I got a lot of questions about my last blog post, so they invited me come back and give you more tips for attracting women “automatically” without having to say or do much of anything.

Here’s how it works… The secret behind “Automatic Seduction” is that almost every successful interaction with a woman has one thing in common. And that is… sexual tension.

Now most men have been taught to tell stories, tease, and be social. Now, while this may be fun and entertaining for her, it dilutes the natural sexual tension that exists between men and women (the *secret* sauce that makes women crave you).

In fact, the funnier and more interesting you are, the LESS chance you have of ever getting her into bed. talk about counter-intuitive, right? In fact, 99% of the time, the key to seducing a woman is to simply avoid breaking the natural tension that’s caused men and women to mate for thousands of years.

So how can you avoid breaking the tension so you “naturally” end up in bed with the girls you like? Well the truth is, needing to “talk a lot” or “try too hard” is really an admission that you aren’t good enough for her.

That’s why when you “break sexual tension” what you’re really saying to her is… I know I’m not good looking, rich or tall, so I won’t even bother being SEXUAL around you… But hey look… I’m really funny and entertaining and witty. Please like me. Obviously… this is not good, right?

You see, if you really want to get women into bed you must FIRST act as if she’s ALREADY attracted to you (or believe she could be). This shows her that you are confident with your “inner-self” even if your “outer-shell” isn’t male model material. This is the sexy *attitude* that turns women on and makes her want you uncontrollably.

Now even if right now this seems delusional, it’s much better that acting like an entertainer or trying hard to win her over. Every man (including you) has the right to be seductive and bask in the natural sexual tension that exists between men and women.

Sexual tension is just a FEELING and not a PHYSICAL attribute. In other words, you don’t need a “male model face” or a “muscular build” to create this sexual tension. All men can create sexual tension and if you learn to do it right you can make beautiful women desire you (and the best part is she will do all of the work).

You’ve been fed the big lie by society that only good looking guys can be considered sexy. It’s time you learned the TRUTH about attraction. Now go get her!