How To Attract Her In Just 3 Seconds Using This One Simple Trick

body-articleHey guys it’s Chris (Sixty Years of Challenge)…

You may have heard that it takes a woman about 3 seconds to decide whether she is attracted to you or not.    Well…  this may come as a complete shock, but the decision is not made by her…  it is made by YOU.

Over time I have learned that the easiest way to attract beautiful women is to assume that they already like you.  It is no secret that women find confidence  extremely sexy.  And few things convey confidence than acting like a man that she is already sleeping with.

Now you may be asking…  what if I am short, out of shape, losing my hair, and don’t have male model looks?  Isn’t it delusional to assume that beautiful women already like me?

Sure, on the surface it may seem like this amazing woman is out of your league.  However, listen closely because I am about to expose one of the biggest lies when it comes to attracting beautiful women.

You ready?  The truth is…  a woman’s looks (compared to yours) has very little to do with her attraction.  Women are wired much differently than men.

Let me ask you a question…  How would you act if you knew with 100% certainty that the women you were talking to were already attracted to you?  Would you try to entertain her with stories and witty banter?  Would you tease her and break rapport?  Would you pretend to be disinterested?

Now I don’t know about you…  but all that stuff sounds like the stuff I would do only if I thought a women WASN’T attracted to me.  You see what I am getting at?

Have you ever looked at a woman and you just knew right away you could easily have her?  Or after just a few minutes of conversation you had no doubt that she would be willing to come home with you?

Perhaps she looked like one of your ex-girlfriends or maybe you were just feeling really confident that night.  How did you act around her?  Did you do anything differently?

I’d bet you probably held eye contact, got really close to her and didn’t feel the need to do or say anything special.  In fact, you probably just sat back and let her talk while thinking “it’s just a matter of time”.  Am I right?

The reason this “laid back” style works so well is because by putting out a “seductive vibe” what you are really saying to her is… “I already know you like me”.  And what you need to understand is that women go absolutely crazy over this attitude.  They can’t help it.  It is just part of their biology and the way they are wired.

And what do you do when you know a woman is already attracted to you?  Exactly, you escalate.  And by escalate I mean you should look at her seductively, move into her space, and keep relatively silent.  You don’t worry about saying or doing anything special.

In fact, you may not have realized it at the time, but you basically let the sexual tension that exists naturally between men and women AUTOMATICALLY do all the work for you.  And THAT is why you got the girl….

Of course, you can spend years studying different pickup tactics but in the end “assuming women like you” is really the ultimate reflection of your inner game.  Meaning it’s really up to you, not her, to make the final decision if you’re an attractive guy or not.

If you truly believe you are an attractive guy then you will act calm and seductive around women. You will be confident holding her gaze and feel comfortable basking in that natural sexual tension.

However, if you look at her and think… “she’s out of my league” then you will automatically feel like you need to do and say special stuff to get her to like you.  Like most guys, you will focus on being social, funny and interesting…  You will worry about the right words to say…   And you will try too hard and turn her OFF.

Remember, the first 3 seconds decide if she will find you attractive or not.  And never forget, the decision isn’t made by her.  The decision is made by you.  Now GO get her!

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